Word on the street is…

Here’s some feedback from some satisfied clients and former colleagues

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A complete professional and I am privileged to have worked with you. You are a Star!!”

As the General Manager of Publications and Exhibitions Pty Ltd, I have known Elizabeth Fabri in a professional capacity for almost three years. I oversaw all staff, including Liz, working on The Australian Mining Review, The Australian Energy Review and The Australian Education Reporter.  Elizabeth started as a journalist and then was promoted to group editor in a short time due to outstanding work ethic. Her attention-to-detail, integrity, tenacity and professionalism in her work was second to none. She was an asset to have and is greatly missed. I would recommend Liz for any project and wish her all the best for her new venture.

— Australian Mining Review general manager Brad Francis

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“Elizabeth is an amazing professional and person”

Elizabeth has been a standout performer for the company from day one. Initially employed as journalist, it was soon very clear that she had huge potential. She was promoted to group editor of our publications, and brought intelligence, dedication, calmness (under a lot of pressure), professionalism, real understanding of the mining business within a short period as journalist and amazing ability as a writer/social media manager. Her staff have the highest regard for her and have blossomed under her nurturing, constructive approach. I have no doubt she will be very successful in the business world.

— Australian Mining Review director Neil Boulos


“The articles she writes lead to greater online visibility and drive our lead generation”

Content marketing is a big part of our business growth strategy. That said, what we do as a business is very specialised and requires an understanding of our product offering as well as our customer profiles. Elizabeth has been working with us as a content writer for over 12 months now, and she just gets it. She understands our brand, our processes and our long-term business goals. The longer we work together the more she understands us as a business and the easier our content production flows. Thanks Elizabeth. :)

— FES Tanks director Daryl Cygler

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“The 1:1 consult was invaluable"

We approached Elizabeth to setup our social media pages, website, domain name and blog ahead of our travels around Australia. Elizabeth was a joy to work with. Within an hour everything was setup for us and we had all the tools and tips, apps etc to implement across our social media channels and she taught us how to use everything. We would definitely recommend Elizabeth for future work.

— Offgrid Monkeys director Dr Jude Anderson

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“It was so easy and such a pleasure to work with her”

Elizabeth wrote my copy as though she had known me for a long time. I am super impressed! I have only ONE word to describe my experience with her writing and customer service, PERFECT! I enjoyed every bit of it. Okay, I’ll stop here, else I can go on forever. Elizabeth, thank you! It was a pleasure working with you. I am super excited!

— On a Heal counsellor and psychotherapist Ida Asare


“After just one session with Elizabeth, my account is gaining followers that are my exact target market, I’m getting more leads than ever before, and they are turning to sales!”

When I got off my first call with Elizabeth, I came out to my husband bounding with energy and a clear vision with what I needed to do in my social media space. She’s a gun at cutting through and giving you solid and relevant actions! My hubby is also now working with her for his biz - we are big fans. Thanks Elizabeth, you’re an absolute social media and content queen.

— Blush Pink photographer/videographer Rachel Carroll


“She was thorough, professional and provided sound advice on language, grammar and spelling convention across our documents”

Elizabeth was great to work with. I was working on a regional Indigenous tourism strategy for the desert regions of Australia. Elizabeth copy edited a number of documents associated with the strategy. The documents included a 50 page strategy, 20 page market research analysis and 30 page traditional owner tourism toolkit. She delivered in tight turn-around times.  I am definitely keen to work with her again. 

— Dr Hamish Morgan, IN-COMMON

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“Elizabeth’s commitment, loyalty, integrity are beyond reproach and her work is always of a highly professional standard”

Elizabeth Fabri was a valued committee member of One Big Voice (formerly Westcoast Songfest) from 2013-2017. Elizabeth's roles included launching One Big Voice’s social media presence; connecting the festival with schools, parents, students and the wider community; attending all workshops and managing all visual and audio media; designing our website; managing and uploading written and musical content onto the website; filming and uploading choreography to the website; assisting with a variety of other festival tasks such as event management, workshops, rehearsals and auditions. Elizabeth's professionalism, skills and abilities were instrumental in updating the entire corporate image of One Big Voice.  In 2013 when Elizabeth joined us we had 1500 students participating.  Today we have more than 7500. I would not hesitate to recommend Elizabeth for any project role. 

— One Big Voice director Donna Marwick-O’Brien