Social media manager Perth

How often do you post on your business’ social media page?

Once a week? Once a fortnight? Every couple of months? (Gasp) Not at all?

If you said yes to any of the above, you’re not utilising one of your most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools at your fingertips. And it’s time to fix that.

Times are changing and as much as sales will remain the key barometer of your business success (as they should be), having an active and engaging online presence can help generate more money for your business, and nurture relationships with new and existing customers.

Ask any millennial how they find a new restaurant, hair salon, hotel or event these days, and many will say Instagram and Facebook before they head over to the Google land. I know I do.



It’s all about quality

But, having a successful online presence involves a lot more than dumping content on the gram day in and day out. It’s about quality, strategy, purpose, consistency. And that stuff takes time.  

There are many things to consider – what images to post (and whether they’re worth posting), how your images look on your feed and are they cohesive, what caption you will include and how it adds value, what time to post, what hashtags to use. And we haven’t even got started yet on stories.



Engagement baby

“Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house” - Mari Smith

You may already have an Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn page for your business, but when you post you feel deflated. Minimal likes, zero engagement, and a flatline in followers. You wonder is it worth it.

Believe me it can be, if done right. One of the key secrets to social media success is you have to be SOCIAL. Engaging, replying to comments, commenting and liking other accounts posts will make a big difference.

And to top it off, these days when a consumer asks a question online, they expect a response instantly – which can be a massive time suck, time you don’t have.  



How I can help

I live and breathe social media so it made sense for me to make a career out of it.

My areas of expertise include:

  • 1:1 Social media consult & strategy sessions

  • Social media business profile setup

  • Social media management – I can manage your socials on your behalf, write captions, post your content, and respond to comments/messages

  • Content creation – basic photography, social media graphics, quote tiles, professional stories

  • Facebook ads, and sponsored posts

Social media marketer Perth


There are many social media managers out there, how am I different?

My point of difference is that I have a vast amount of experience and qualifications behind me. I am also a professional copywriter, which means careful attention will be paid not only to your visual content but to your captions. I will take the time to put together content that is engaging, and truly connects with your followers, and starts a conversation. I test out all the latest trends on my personal account, which I’ve grown to more than 4000 organic followers in a few short years. Check it out.




Social media management packages vary depending on the amount of content you require per week, and whether photos are supplied. After an initial chat, I can put together a social media plan to suit your needs.

Basic social media management packages start from $150 a week.

Want the tools to manage your own socials? A 1.5 hour social media consult and personalised strategy session with me is $200.


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