Elizabeth Fabri copywriter

Never worked with a freelancer before? Here’s a step-by-step process of how I work



After receiving your email/phone call/Facebook message/DM or however you’ve chosen to contact me, I’ll ask some questions to find out more about your project - the length, scope, deadlines, you know, all that important stuff. From here I can provide a ballpark estimate for your work.

FYI: I charge a fixed project fee for all writing and social media gigs – this works well for you and I, so there’s no big fat surprise ($) at the end.


I’ll then send you a brief to fill out, or we can go through some questions over the phone or Skype. I’ll ask you things like how many pages of copy you need or how many social media posts you want per week, who’s your target market (or help you come up with one), your brand personality (aka tone of voice), how much content have you prepared yourself, and marketing objectives.


Once I have a good idea of your project scope and how much work it will involve on my end, I will put together a proposal outlining a detailed summary of what your project will entail, the inclusions, my terms and conditions so you know what to expect, and a fixed price quote for you to review. For social media clients, this is where we can lock in a retainer agreement for ongoing work.



By this point, you’ve agreed to the terms of my proposal and paid your 50 per cent deposit. Now it’s time for me to deliver. I may jump into the project straight away or need to arrange a phone chat to fill in any knowledge gaps. I may also request further documentation from you that will help get the ball rolling (i.e. existing marketing materials, reports, images, graphics, project or product details).


Thought I’d start writing or posting straight away? Wrong. They say preparation is key, and good preparation starts with quality research. This might mean researching the subject matter for your blog, learning more about the technical aspects of your industry, and/or competitor research and analysis. My goal? To have a solid understanding of your business and competitors to make sure you cut through the noise. In other words, be better.


At last, the writing magic begins. I’ll put together the first draft of copy, create your social media schedule and content, write your EDM, or get started on whatever your project might be. And I’ll make sure this arrives in your inbox ahead of or by the agreed deadline.


Got a few changes to the content? No problem. Copywriting is a collaborative process so there’s bound to be some snippets you wanted to add or things you’d like to tweak. Send through your changes, (tracked changes in a Word document are preferred) and I’ll make these for you ASAP. As part of your copywriting project fee, you’ll get two complimentary rounds of revisions, and once this is finalised I’ll get the copy proofread by a professional third-party at no charge.

For social media projects, depending on what we have agreed to in the proposal, you may have requested approving posts and content calendars before I schedule them, or placed your full confidence in me to handle your socials on your behalf.


Your final invoice will be issued 14 days after I send the first full draft to you or when final sign off is given (whichever occurs first). Once payment is received, the copyright for the project is transferred to you. For social media clients, we would have already arranged a payment plan.


Your project is ready to go and looking mighty fine, which means it’s time to hit the send, publish or post button. If it’s goodbye for now, I’ll probably ask you for a testimonial for my website. If you’re keen to work together on additional projects, I offer repeat clients a discount. Happy days.