Newsletter writer Perth

Let’s talk about EDMs (no, not the electronic dance music kind) The email variety

If you’re looking for an affordable, fast and effective way to market your business, electronic direct mail and newsletters are seriously amazing.

Just check your inbox, you get them every day from the brands you love, so why not use this tool to speak directly to your audience, promote your products and services, drive sales and repeat business?

And the best thing yet- when you use an online mailing site like MailChimp you can see who’s opened your emails, check what links have been clicked, and a whole lot of other insights- priceless!

But, as you know, people sometimes have hundreds of emails to get through a day and most of them will go unread, unopened, and some destined for the much dreaded junk folder (urghh).

Want to know my secret sauce to effective email marketing?

  • Strong catchy subject lines

  • Interesting content that excites and initiates action

  • Leaving out ‘sleazy’ trigger words that will have your emails sent straight to spam

  • Breaking up copy into sections

  • Quality image selection

  • Clear call to actions

  • Having a deadline for offers to create a sense of urgency

  • Choose your sending time wisely



How I can help

I’m a Perth copywriter so great content is a given when I create EDM’s. I can help put together automated email sequences for when people subscribe to your newsletter, regular weekly or fortnightly content, or one-off email blasts.

I can also use Mailchimp to design your newsletter content and schedule this, so you don’t have to.